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Super Bowl 48 dominated MR news over the weekend, for good reasons: 100 million viewers and 40-plus commercials make it the king advertising event.

1) Touchstorm.com set up a “live leader board” for Super Bowl commercials, ranking views, “velocity,” likeability and conversions.
2) Google’s CBO had trouble containing the business’ excitement after a busy week for YouTube sharing millions of views of leaked Super Bowl ads.
3) A majority of Super Bowl ads were expected to boast hashtags instead of corporate links.
4) Twitter set up a Super Bowl “war room” for advertisers who wanted help responding to the most popular tweets about the game.
5) The NFL arranged for installation of mini transmitters throughout midtown Manhattan to send walking directions to hot Super Bowl locations. It could “change how brands market to their customers.”
6) RBDR News Notes inform about a noteworthy obituary in the industry and an important research industry job that is opening up.

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