RFL Communications, Inc. is a business press company, first incorporated in September 1994 by Editor and Publisher Bob Lederer. The 1995 launch of the flagship publication, Research Business Report, began the company’s dedication to providing news and business information to market researchers. Research Department Report began publication in 1998, followed by Pharma Market Research Report in 2003. Research Business DAILY Report, the first daily market research news video, was first introduced in 2012, immediately receiving notice as a disruptive innovator in the market research industry.

RFL Communications is headquartered just outside Chicago in Skokie, IL.


 “Bob is one of the leading journalist in the research industry. He’s an astute observer of trends and a keen advocate for the future of the business. Bob’s a guy who is always in the know, He gets who the movers and shakers are in the research industry and gives voice to what’s on their mind. His publications provide great insight for anyone interested in the market research industry.”

-Eileen Campbell, CMO at IMAX

 “The suite of publications that Bob produces provide critical information for market research professionals and my “go to” source for “all things research.” Not only do his publications provide information about the “goings on” within specific companies, and at specific events, he helps the reader truly feel part of a research “community” by providing “spotlight” pieces on key professionals, and insight into the critical issues that face our profession.”

– Janice Caston, President of Toluna

“Here’s the choice: either stop the earth from revolving or give Bob the credit he is due. Without a doubt he has been the driver of online research quality on this planet. He may do other things, including being a man of high integrity, but he surely deserves the credit as industry leader. So given that we have no power to stop the planet, let’s finally give this man the credit he is due!”

-Steve Gittelman, President at MKTG Inc.

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