Nothing is more vital to the health of a research agency or research vendor than building a customer base and then ensuring its satisfaction and loyalty. Many research agencies/vendors (especially B2B) have adopted post-project surveys to check client reactions: delight, discontent or something in between.

How about converting what you learn internally from customers to an external marketing and promotional element? Select customers/clients will go on the record about their pleasure with your work product. Usually, that is limited to use of their logo on your website or a brief, written comment (sometimes all but anonymous)

RFL Communications wants to help you elevate those expressions from appreciative clients via a powerful, careful, delicate and cost-efficient process.

We call it the RFL Video Testimonials service.


RFL Video Testimonials is a natural outgrowth of Research Business DAILY Report, our daily research news video that since 2012 has presented numerous interviews with top research executives from companies of all types and persuasions.

RFL Video Testimonials make sense for your sales and marketing, providing recognized, tangible values.

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Marketing Rationale for Video Testimonials

How and why an “RFL Video Testimonial” will improve marketing for your research company (according to experts):

  • Your potential customers are on the Internet… they would much rather watch a video on your website than read the text on your website… Only 20% of Internet visitors will read a page of text, 80% will watch a video with the exact same information.” (
  • Video marketing is engaging, and can help your online marketing efforts stand out from your competitors. What happens when you stand out from your competitors with engaging content? You begin the process of building relationships with new customers, generate new leads and increase your revenue (
  • Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.
  • The content marketing option that has the highest effectiveness rating (89%) is Customer Testimonials (Social Fresh)
  • Marketers agree that happy customers sharing positive experiences make for the most effective type of video content. (Source)
  • As long as you’re in business, you need to be in the business of gathering testimonials… All businesses benefit from having good testimonials! (
  • Customer Testimonials (52%) are twice as effective as Case Studies (26%). (Ascend2 and Research Partners). That statistic that showcases the difference between you telling your own success story and your customers telling them for you (
  • Testimonials are all about fostering trust and credibility – something every business should aim to build with their audience. So, an unbiased endorsement on the front page of your website is a smart way to build trust with your visitors right away… (
  • Testimonials can validate and support your value proposition, helping your prospects overcome objections and moving them one step closer to (making a buying decision) and becoming a satisfied customer. (
  • When you share a video about a satisfied customer, you’ll see a higher engagement than a blog or image. Plus, you’ll show prospects how your business is helping real people with real challenges – building the trust required to increase sales. (Wirebuzz)
  • (Customer Testimonials) make your prospects less nervous about buying from you because they see that people like themhave used your product or service with success… Your prospect is desperate not to make a mistake. And when they are not convinced they will put off making any kind of decision, which includes buying or contacting you… Testimonials can also get your prospects excited about buying your product or service because they bring alive the results and benefits that others have achieved. (
  • Customer Testimonials – Generally, this would be the most effective in generating revenue for your company. (Comit PR & Marketing Services)
      • People exposed to a video testimonial also are exposed to the appreciation and emotion from your current customers (


The RFL Video Testimonials service is a turnkey program that delivers a video-based customer testimonial featuring comments from one of your important customer/clients.

RFL President Bob Lederer’s independent, third-party standing and credibility, plus his 23 years of research experiences enable him to discuss any research agency/vendor’s products and services.

Each discussion/interview by Lederer is focused on specific areas dictated by the research agency/vendor. All communication and discussions with the customer/client are also subject to your approval and oversight of the agency/vendor. This includes “sitting in” as the interview takes place via Skype.

The RFL Video Testimonials service expands how far a customer will go in expressing their complete satisfaction with a research agency/vendor’s work.

Normally, the customer will allow you to post their logos on your website.

RFL Video Testimonials kick that up a notch, elevating a customer’s appreciation into a video salute.

The RFL Video Testimonials deliverable includes several elements:

  • Rough-cuts of Lederer’s interaction with the agency/vendor customer/client.
  • A final version(s) featuring the customer/client’s comments, with subjects agreed upon by the research agency/vendor and RFL Communications.
  • Multiple video versions (short-, mid-length and/or full-length) are provided; Recommended lengths are 30-seconds, 60-seconds and no more than 90 seconds.
  • The finished video deliverable can include or remove Lederer (visual and oral) or maintain his questions off-screen, putting optimum or complete focus on the customer/client.
  • Turnaround time, once the video has been shot and reviewed with you for final content, is approximately week.
  • You sign off on our work every step of the way, guaranteeing your satisfaction.
  • Post the finished video on your home page, a testimonials post, your sales page or contact page.
  • Include it in your standard marketing material.
  • Use it as part of a new campaign.
  • Show it in your next research conference exhibit booth.
  • The rough cut interview and final approved versions are your property.

The special introductory price for your RFL Video Testimonial is only $2,000 –anywhere from 50% to 100% less than other services. Additional testimonials, if ordered at the same time as your first testimonial, come at a reduced price.

Alternatively, the agency/vendor can take the rough cuts of video and work with it themselves.

To begin a discussion about RFL Video Testimonials, please email or call Bob Lederer directly at (847) 673-6284.