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For every research agency/vendor, nothing is more vital to the health of their business than building a customer base and then ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of those customers/clients. Keep them happy by any means necessary!

Every business yearns to get inside the client’s mind to gauge their happiness about the work and effort being conducted for them. That is why so many research agencies/vendors have taken to post-project surveys that check client reactions: delight, discontent or something in between.

Not every client is willing to publicly discuss their experiences, however we know that there are select customers/clients who will go on the record regarding their pleasure with an agency/vendor’s work product.

They become an advocate of your product and/or service.

Imagine gathering that on a brief video for business consumption.

There is a second common situation between agencies/vendors and their customers: New Product and Services. A press release is standard protocol.

Imagine taking that press release to the next level, with a client, who has successfully beta-tested the new offering, vocalizing their gratification in a live link within the release?

RFL Communications wants to help you tap into these promotional opportunities from appreciative clients via a powerful, yet careful and delicate process that is also cost-efficient.

RBDR’s “Disruptive Innovator” award from Next Generation Market Research.

In launching “Research Business DAILY Report” in 2012, RFL Communications’ President Bob Lederer created a state-of-the-art video forum for otherwise-unreported research news. It also presents interviews with research executives regarding important developments, issues and impressions in the changing research marketplace. (RFL Communications received a 2014 award from Next Generation Market Research for RBDR’s disruptive MR innovation.)

RFL Testimonial Videography is a natural outgrowth of Research Business DAILY Report.

This turnkey program delivers a video-based client testimonial featuring comments from an important customer/client of any researcher. Lederer’s independent, third-party standing and his 23 years of research experiences embellish his ability to discuss any research agency/vendor’s products and services.

Each discussion/interview by Lederer is focused on areas dictated by the research agency/vendor. All communication and discussions with the customer/client are also subject to the approval and oversight of the agency/vendor. This includes “sitting in” as the interview takes place via Skype.

The service modifies and elevates the customary list of a research agency/vendor’s top clients. Normally presented via logos on a website, one or more customers can become a “live” testimonial.

The RFL Testimonial Videography deliverable includes several different videos:

  • All rough-cuts of Lederer’s interaction with the agency/vendor customer/client
  • A final version(s) featuring the customer/client’s comments, with subjects formalized between the research agency/vendor and RFL Communications.
  • Multiple video versions (short-, mid-length and/or full-length) can be provided, per agency/vendor request
  • The finished video deliverable can include or remove Lederer (visual and oral) or maintain his questions off-screen, putting optimum or complete focus on the customer/client

Turnaround time, once the video has been shot, can be as brief as one week.

Full confidentiality is assured by RFL Communications regarding all aspects of any agency/vendor collaboration tied to RFL Testimonial Videography service.

Alternatively, the agency/vendor can take the rough cuts of video and work with it themselves.

In any event, the research agency/vendor can post the “Testimonial” as they see fit – on their website or as an enhanced marketing, promotion or advertising tool.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

To begin a discussion about RFL Testimonial Videography, please email RFLBob@Gmail.com or call Bob Lederer directly at (847) 673-6284.

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