RFL’s Global Top 50 Research Organizations

The front page of the second annual issue of RFL's Global Top 50.

The front page of the second annual issue of RFL’s Global Top 50 (click to read).

RFL’s Global Top 50 Research Organizations is RFL Communications’ annual publication featuring our unique tabulation of the 50 largest research companies around the world. The most prominent distinction between this list and others is that the phrase “Research Organizations” in RFL’s “GT50” include the industry’s well-known major research agencies, plus a few entities never before seen on a research agency list.

Beyond this, it also includes some of the research industry’s largest and, therefore, most important research suppliers, without which research projects would waste time navigating details.

RFL’s “GT50” also includes new, dynamic, unorthodox research businesses. Traditional research businesses say they (e.g., InMoment) have been stealing chunks of business. Plus, Acxiom and Harte-Hanks belong on the list because their direct marketing and targeting offerings are growing research complements. This is a different and – we feel – a better way to view companies that truly stand as difference-makers in the research industry.

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