Pharma Market Research Executive of the Year Award 2006: Susan Schwartz McDonald (National Analysis Worldwide)

From the November 2006 PMR Report:

“Schwartz McDonald became a pioneer, the first executive to spotlight the chilling effects on research if adverse event reporting became a staple in research project contracts. She raised her concerns with an industry association (CASRO), which asked her to lead a taskforce to study the problem. That became her springboard for introduction of the problem to the pharmaceutical MR industry, which came in a speech at PMRG’s 2006 annual conference in Las Vegas. This past summer, Schwartz McDonald was instrumental in the creation of recommendations by CASRO’s Board of Directors for research agencies asked by pharmaceutical clients to undertake Adverse Event Reporting (AER). As the year progressed, discussion of AER, its visibility, urgency and complexity grew exponentially. Schwartz McDonald and others convinced PMRG to revisit AER at its September conference in Baltimore. Now, AER is the subject of a PMRG joint research vendor/client committee that is trying to assemble an amorphous puzzle with multitudinous legal and ethical pieces…”

Pharma Market Research Executive of the Year Award 2004: Dr. Richard Vanderveer (GfK)

From the November 2004 PMR Report:

“No other industry exec has come close to demonstrating leadership as bluntly, innovatively and broadly–and with such substantive benefit and impact as Vanderveer.

He has founded and sold three different pharma MR suppliers (TVG, Physician Micromarketing and V2–which became V2 GfK with the sale of 51to GfK in 2003), two of which are industry stalwarts.

As Vanderveer has spread his business’ financial boon among staff, he has done the same intellectually across our industry. He’s an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, on the editorial boards of The International Journal of Medical Marketing and Pharma Marketing News and in 2004 became a regular columnist for the fledgling Journal of Longitudinal Data…”

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