Market Research/Insights departments have always faced challenges, foremost among them (after research projects) forging and building connections with internal clients, establishing and working to maintain a strong relationship with the C-Suite and maneuvering to generate the optimum selection of research vendors.

Today, a good number of Research/Insights functions are confronted again by predicaments many departments seemingly overcame more than a decade ago. For instance, many Research/Insights departments have lost their seat at the decision-making table. Simultaneously, there are new frustrations, including opportunities associated with novel, supposedly improved tools and techniques.

Because each Research/Insights function is laser-focused on day-to-day management and operational procedures, it can be easy for leadership to downplay or disregard other problems that exist or are coming at them.

These are just some of the reasons why RFL Communications has created “RFL Client Consulting.”

Since 1998, we have been discussing and reporting on the activities, opportunities, responsibilities and obstacles of Client Research/Insights heads. We have conferred with over 300 of them, coming in all shapes and sizes:

  • 1-person departments and 100-person departments
  • Departments from B2B and B2C businesses
  • North American and foreign businesses
  • Functions balanced between Qualitative/Quantitative and those primarily Qual or Quant
  • Departments with strong internal client standing and those requiring serious effort there

Our ultimate goal in each instance has been to discover the one or two, seemingly inconsequential differences, separating one department from all the rest.

As a result, RFL Client Consulting is prepared to assist small and medium-sized Research/Insights departments to

  • Create deliverables based on an intimate knowledge of their company’s business
  • Expand and diversify their functional capabilities
  • Institute or reinforce relations/respect/dependency by internal clients
  • Gain or regain a seat at the table
  • Confront day-to- day issues centered on effectiveness and efficiency

To begin a discussion about any of these concerns, please email or call Bob Lederer directly at (847) 673-6284. Put his 20-plus years of research industry experience to work for you by seizing this opportunity today.