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You cannot be part of our volatile research world and be oblivious to the impact of new tools and techniques that emerge all the time.

One critical impact is also a crucial void. Namely, that even the most experienced researcher does not know the most appropriate situations for use of all the market research tools in the industry toolbox. When a client undertakes a research project, the client and its agencies should have a complete understanding of ALL the tool and technique options that best suit each project’s objectives (results, intertwined with timing, cost and other corporate and/or personal research preferences).

The RFL Market Research Toolbox Report will provide that, and we believe it will be a highly valued resource that will become an industry staple. We have identified 50 research categories to be included in the report; you can download the full list here. We need your knowledge and expertise for these research categories in our report. You will be cited as a contributor in each category. Please download and complete the MR Toolbox form and enter your information, separately, for each category you contribute to. (MR Toolbox form) then email complete form to

We are also seeking sponsorships for the RFL Market Research Toolbox Report that will be published soon. To access the RFL Market Research Toolbox Sponsorship form click here: (MR Sponsorship form)

Thank you! We look forward to hearing about your interest and intentions.

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