Bob Ferro’s to help MR firms find talent. (RBDR 09.22.2016)


Today on RBDR: Bob Ferro’s “” executive recruitment organization, if successful, could establish a new, unique, perhaps better way, to help research companies/users find talent. Bob explains what his new process is all about to Bob Lederer on today’s RBDR. RBDR is sponsored by Survey Sampling, the premier global provider of data solutions for mobile, […]

Can Pokémon Go be used in research? Zoe Dowling thinks so. (RBDR 08.25.2016)


Today on RBDR: Pokémon Go is more than just the international gaming craze of 2016, it is a concept that businesses can use to drive traffic. FocusVision’s Zoe Dowling offered RBDR some implementable ideas for research using the craze. RBDR is sponsored by RFL Communications, which has published the second annual “Global Top 50 Research Organizations,” […]

Big Data Supplanting primary research? No. The case for Multicultural Marketing. (RBDR 08.17.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) It is overly simplistic for anyone to believe that Big Data capabilities are ready to supplant primary research. 2) The case is made that multicultural marketing will be growing, but should be rebranded as “demographic targeting.” And that should be accompanied by changes in marketing departments and related agencies. RBDR is […]

Study reveals how many businesses DON’T use MR. 100% ad viewability too costly? (RBDR 08.09.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) Astonishing results from an Attest research study about business’ understanding and use of market research. Read the original story by clicking here. 2) IMM’s Keith Pieper explains why when it comes to online advertising viewability, 100% is unnecessary and too costly while sub-50% seems to be just right. You can find this […]

Comcast: lower rates for users’ data? Advanced Symbolics CEO on solid SM research. (RBDR 08.08.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) Comcast asks FCC for permission to offer reduced consumer pricing in exchange for access to users’ data. 2) Advanced Symbolics’ CEO Erin Kelly makes the case for the solid research use of social media: to do checkpoint analysis that alerts CEOs of statistically significant change. RBDR is sponsored by Q-Oasis, a […]

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