Can Pokémon Go be used in research? Zoe Dowling thinks so. (RBDR 08.25.2016)


Today on RBDR: Pokémon Go is more than just the international gaming craze of 2016, it is a concept that businesses can use to drive traffic. FocusVision’s Zoe Dowling offered RBDR some implementable ideas for research using the craze. RBDR is sponsored by RFL Communications, which has published the second annual “Global Top 50 Research Organizations,” […]

Pressure on Twitter to replace polls. The determining age group in Election 2016. (RBDR 08.24.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) There are proponents for Twitter to replace polls due to their questionable quality and more obvious inaccuracies. 2) John Zogby Strategies reveals the demographic group to watch closely to learn who will win the 2016 U.S. presidential sweepstakes. RBDR is sponsored by RFL Communications, which has published the second annual “Global […]

Personalizing retailer/consumer interaction. Caterpillar dives into tech MRX, R&D. (RBDR 08.23.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) Personalizing the relationship that a retailer has with each consumer involves basic technological and analytical steps to identify individuals on their website apparently prepared to make a purchase and applying technology to connect with them on a personally-preferred basis. 2) Caterpillar announces it is creating a research, technology and development division. […]

Fulgoni discusses online ad fraud. NY Yankees research betrays “rebuilding” desire. (RBDR 08.22.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) Online advertising fraud receives focused treatment from comScore CEO Gian Fulgoni in the June 2016 Journal of Advertising Research. 2) The “research” the New York Yankees relied on to trade some of their most valued players and admit to their fans that they are in rebuilding mode. RBDR is sponsored by […]

Australian MR reiterates privacy. Study: analytic investments disappointing. (RBDR 08.18.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) The Australian market research industry has made a pronouncement to the public at large about the extra steps they continue to make to assure protection and privacy of their data. 2) ZS Associates has released “Broken Links: Why Analytics Investments Have Yet to Pay Off,” a study of what companies themselves […]

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