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Today: 1) Keeping online panelists satisfied and looking for more participation is frequently centered around panelist interest in earning more money. uSamp’s “precedent-setting” collaboration with CrowdComputing Systems (CCS) will provide its 12-million online panelists the opportunity to make money– a little by answering a few CCS client-inspired questions, all the way up to potentially a lot by helping CCS customers document activity at a local store using their mobile phone.

2) Facebook’s quiet facial recognition technology, with accuracy as high as 97.25%, is being kept under wraps due to consumer concerns about the technology if used on Facebook.

3) Australia’s market research society, AMSRO, announces a trustmark seal that can be earned and flaunted by association members for exemplary privacy standards.

4) Gayle Fuguitt chairs her second ARF Annual Conference and speaks to RBDR’s Bob Lederer about her first year accomplishments

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