Innovation ROI for companies is not paying off | RBDR

April 26, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Australia’s research associations are arguing and battling the government’s plans for the abolition of visas for overseas workers.

2) PA Consulting Group’s annual “Innovation Matters” study shows a vast gap between the perceived importance of corporate innovation and its practical return on investment. Find a link to the informational release by clicking here, and a link to the actual study by clicking here.

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Australian MR reiterates privacy. Study: analytic investments disappointing. (RBDR 08.18.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The Australian market research industry has made a pronouncement to the public at large about the extra steps they continue to make to assure protection and privacy of their data.

2) ZS Associates has released “Broken Links: Why Analytics Investments Have Yet to Pay Off,” a study of what companies themselves say is not working with their analytics, conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit. You can read the study for yourself by clicking here.

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Survey Sampling VP – Global Data Management, Jackie Lorch, has composed a White Paper. “B2B Sample Tradeoffs and the Power of a Multi-Mode Approach” explains for the under-experienced or novice Business2Business survey preparers how to execute it properly and well. Find the White Paper by clicking here.

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News from AMSRO, Ipsos, AURA. RBDR Crowd Science Award winner. (RBDR 12.4.2014)

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On today’s RBDR: 1) Australia’s AMSRO research group adopts and implements a privacy standard in response to a study showing consumers not willing to cooperate with organizations over fear for their privacy. 2) Ipsos announces the passing of co-President Jean-Marc Lech at age 68. 3) AURA names British Video Association Consultant Gilles Finnemore its Chair. 4) RBDR’s Client of the Year series continues with the naming of the winner in the Crowd Science category.

uSamp collaboration goal: happy panelists (by helping them make money); Facebook’s quiet facial recognition technology; Fuguitt discusses her 1st ARF year with Bob Lederer (RBDR–3/24/2013)

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Today: 1) Keeping online panelists satisfied and looking for more participation is frequently centered around panelist interest in earning more money. uSamp’s “precedent-setting” collaboration with CrowdComputing Systems (CCS) will provide its 12-million online panelists the opportunity to make money– a little by answering a few CCS client-inspired questions, all the way up to potentially a lot by helping CCS customers document activity at a local store using their mobile phone.

2) Facebook’s quiet facial recognition technology, with accuracy as high as 97.25%, is being kept under wraps due to consumer concerns about the technology if used on Facebook.

3) Australia’s market research society, AMSRO, announces a trustmark seal that can be earned and flaunted by association members for exemplary privacy standards.

4) Gayle Fuguitt chairs her second ARF Annual Conference and speaks to RBDR’s Bob Lederer about her first year accomplishments