Today on RBDR:

1) Twitter’s data licensing revenues are growing faster than almost anything else in the company.

2) Annie Pettit is right about survey creation, arguing that devising surveys for mobile first can solve multiple research problems.

RBDR is sponsored by KL Communications, which asks, “Is your online community feeling stale?” That research field has been with us for 15 years, but no matter how long you have been conducting online communities KL Communications has the means to freshen up and improve yours. Check out its Co-Creation capabilities.

And, consider today’s advice from KL Communications President Kevin Lonnie:

With increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI out of the research function, customer co-creation provides an opportunity to boost the odds of a successful product introduction.

Find some low hanging fruit, where nothing has worked particularly well in a long while, but also be very selective and wait for the perfect opportunity. Aim for the fences, but protect yourself by keeping expectations low.

Visit their website to find out how.

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