Today on RBDR:

1) The Traffic Audit Bureau renames itself “Geopath.”

2) Virtual Reality is winning praise from very professional people as the “ultimate emotive storytelling tool.”

RBDR is sponsored by KL Communications, which asks, “Is your online community feeling stale?” That research field has been with us for 15 years, but no matter how long you have been conducting online communities KL Communications has the means to freshen up and improve yours. Check out its Co-Creation capabilities and everything else they have to offer, by visiting their website.

Also, consider today’s advice from KL Communications President Kevin Lonnie:

To inspire collaboration in a co-creation environment, make gamification a central tenet to the experience. For example, have participants work together during certain activities to earn participation rewards.

This inspires them to work together, but also appeals to their sense of competition, so they are willing to collaborate and work together to earn more points and fully compete.

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