RBDR is sponsored today and this week by Innerscope Research (http://www.InnerscopeResearch.com), measuring what consumers cannot put into words–the emotional responses that actually drive behavior.

Access its comprehensive guide that explains how market researchers can glean unique insights from core biometrics, eye tracking, facial coding, voice analysis, fMRI, EEG and implicit methods to understand non-conscious consumer responses, make better business decision and improve research ROI:


Today on RBDR: 1) Ipsos says clients are readying major projects and shedding concerns about risk after five long years. It can only be seen as something that will impact many quality MR organizations. 2) comScore’s Project BluePrint will launch as a syndicated tracker covering audience consumption on TV, computers, radio, phones and tablets later this year. 3) NBCU head of Research Alan Wurtzel says based on what NBC experienced during its coverage of the Winter Olympics, he is convinced that social media is not yet capable of driving TV viewing.

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