Bob Hoffman on advertiser delusions. Facial/emotional recognition in video games. (RBDR 03.03.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Advertising expert Bob Hoffman outlines three delusions that advertisers have that are holding the industry back.

2) Affectiva incorporates its facial coding and emotion detection technologies into video games.

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Unilever’s Keith Weed & Research. Affectiva’s 2-million person facial databank. (RBDR 10.30.2014)

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Today, on RBDR: 1) Research Live’s profile of Unilever CMCO Keith Weed portrays an executive who is fully tuned in to research but also cognizant of qualitative shortcomings at Unilever, which the giant CPG is working to fix. (The original story:
2) Affectiva announces its accumulation of emotion information from two million people around the world, encompassing in excess of 7 billion emotion data points.
3) Twitter’s third quarter results for Wall Street included a disappointing drop in engagement by its users.

Pollster’s 3-methodology test; Neuroscience potentials/realities (RBDR–707/14)

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Today: 1) A pollster conducted three different polling methodologies days before an Ontario, Canada election, which generated three similar outcomes but different-enough results. 2) Neuroscience expert and research-knowledgeable Carl Marci, Chairman of Innerscope Research, discusses short- and long-term prospects.

Ipsos sees giant projects coming at last; NBCU: social media not impacting TV (RBDR–4/30/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Ipsos says clients are readying major projects and shedding concerns about risk after five long years. It can only be seen as something that will impact many quality MR organizations. 2) comScore’s Project BluePrint will launch as a syndicated tracker covering audience consumption on TV, computers, radio, phones and tablets later this year. 3) NBCU head of Research Alan Wurtzel says based on what NBC experienced during its coverage of the Winter Olympics, he is convinced that social media is not yet capable of driving TV viewing.

Facial coding more useful to MR than mobile; Google/comScore collaboration (RBDR–4/22/2014)

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Today: 1) One of the world’s top five market research companies admits that there is more potential right now with facial coding than mobile research. 2) The government of Turkey is battling social media. 3) comScore Chairman Emeritus Gian Fulgoni discusses what the comScore-Google collaboration means to social media customers.