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August 30, 2022

Today on RBDR: Two studies merit your attention. One, the cost of retailers acquiring new customers has spiraled upward by 222% since 2014. Second, CMOs are not receiving the information, insights and actionability they’ve expected from their company’s analytics.

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One thought on “Striking New Customer Costs; Analytics Don’t Deliver For CMOs / RBDR

  1. Bob – interesting that you are seeking info re:solutions to the dismal performance of AI, analytics, and big data. I’m pretty sure there’s not a solution because their never was one. You know that I’ve been arguing for years that more data doesn’t mean more insights and that black boxes don’t yield better information. Maybe the CMOs are finally catching up to the fact that they’ve wasted years of time, effort, and expense chasing something ephemeral. Just one person’s thoughts.

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