RBDR is sponsored by Curiosity InsightStream, a consumer insights company helping clients derive deep human insights through social media listening.

Find out detail about clients that have benefitted from working with Curiosity Insight Stream at: http://www.curiosityinsightstream.com/case_studies
Today on RBDR: 1) Datacoup may be the world’s first seller of individual’s personal information, which the business buys from 26,000 PC and/or smartphone users each month for as much as $8.00 per participant. 2) Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed SHORE, an app for Google Glass that spells out for the wearer the emotion of the persons in his/her line of sight. 3) Toyota won a federal court’s ruling to have part of a lawsuit against it by Rincon & Associates thrown out, however it still faces allegations of contract, fraud and trade secret violations.

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