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March 13, 2019

Today on RBDR: Determining the winners and losers among this year’s Super Bowl advertisers depends on what the companies care about and measure–and those elements can and do vary by brand and category.

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Consumers’ 1st data sales marketplace. Google Glass app shows emotions (RBDR 9/4/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Datacoup may be the world’s first seller of individual’s personal information, which the business buys from 26,000 PC and/or smartphone users each month for as much as $8.00 per participant. 2) Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed SHORE, an app for Google Glass that spells out for the wearer the emotion of the persons in his/her line of sight. 3) Toyota won a federal court’s ruling to have part of a lawsuit against it by Rincon & Associates thrown out, however it still faces allegations of contract, fraud and trade secret violations.

You’re ready for some football, but how about those Super Bowl commercials? (RBDR–1/31/2014)

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This Sunday’s Super Bowl is almost as much about the commercials that will fill the time outs on the field as it is the 48th game in the series.

RBDR Producer Bob Lederer discussed the effectiveness of the advertising that will appear with experts in the field who can’t wait for the commercial breaks.

• Dialsmith CEO David Paull
• DG Head of Cross-Media Analytics George Musi
• Socratic Technologies Advertising Research Specialist Paul Shellenberg.

Super Bowl advertisers may not have the same goals in mind. How important is “buzz” versus reach, perceptions and effect on consumers? What different analyses will be done for the Super Bowl spots. How important is the most quoted Super Bowl advertising analyst, USA Today’s Ad Meter? We discussed these and other concerns.


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