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May 18, 2022

Today on RBDR: Digital marketing authority Bernard Marr blogged about an array of benefits that businesses can count on from attention to real-time data (versus static and “dated” week- or month-old collected information) and the analytics that should accompany it.

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One thought on “Key Examples & Use Cases Of Real-Time Data / RBDR

  1. This was a post that cried out for some actual data rather than the opinions your interviewees expressed. While there are some obvious one-offs where real time data can help, Walmart isn’t losing any sales because real time can’t help them sell more. Can it help out-of-stocks? Sure, if you have an airtight inventory tracking system and people to do immediate stocking. Anyone going into Walmart gets that that is not happening. The only fans of real time data are people who collect it, sell it, or analyze it – not the end users.

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