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February 12, 2019.

Today on RBDR: It is time for the research industry to recognize that the concept of “Insights” needs to be replaced as the vital, collective wisdom of research. Unilever VP Vijay Raj blogged that suggestion last week and proposed replacing it with “Outsights.” (Link to blog:

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2 thoughts on “Unilever VP: It’s Time To Replace “Insights” with “Outsight” / RBDR

  1. This article by the author is a lot of “Sound and Fury” signifying nothing. Whether calling it insights or outsights the bottom line is the same. Find things in the data that the client can use to take action and improve, change and grow the product or service. In short, “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”…

    1. Nick, did you feel the same way about “Market Research Departments” being renamed “Consumer Insights” or “Consumer & Market Insights Departments”? How about discontinuing reference to survey takers as “Respondents” and shifting to “Research Partners”?

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