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Today on RBDR: 1) RBDR has encouraged the MR industry to actively pursue undergraduate students re MR and analytics as a career. A new Harris Poll shows 3 high schooler interests for college degrees could be a MR match.(http://www.marketwatch.com/story/survey-of-high-school-seniors-reveals-their-plans-for-the-future-that-may-help-bridge-the-skills-gap-2014-09-05) 2) A Unilever and Kantar presentation about shopper insights teaches several important things about the subject. (http://www.aaramshoppro.com/2014/09/unilever-scores-with-in-moment-research.html) 3) Lightspeed finally merges with GMI and the owner of a market research company her intent to run for the office of mayor of Nashville.

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