Pharma Research VIDEO Report is sponsored by the Toluna Healthcare Practice, offering highly engaged physicians, health professionals and ailment sufferers for global research using cutting-edge methodologies, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use analytic tools and specialized products including Pharmacy Intercept, dedicated communities, patient record studies and more.

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On this PRVR: 1) EHRs have become part and parcel of physician practices, but a good percentages of them want to start their EHR over. 2) Apple lays out legalities with health care app providers. 3) Three prestigious health organizations recommend establishment of registries to assess medical devices. 4) The Affordable Care Act’s 2.3% medical device tax is supposed to cause job losses and sales drops. So, far those expectations look like they are half right. 5) Google Calico puts its money where it counts, matching AbbVie dollar-for-dollar, in exploration of age-related diseases. 6) China’s human clinical trails are said to be extraordinarily populated with impoverished Chinese youth.

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