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September 15, 2020

Today on RBDR: New York University Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Psychology Jocelyn Bélanger described his gungho participation in setting up a global behavioral science-based survey to help understand why some people follow the rules established to avoid being hit with Covid-19.

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2 thoughts on “Behavioral Science Battles The Coronavirus / RBDR

  1. Bob one issue about Co-Vid and wearing masks which has not been discussed publicly is that a fairly large percentage of the American population believes in the God-Given right to kill oneself. Lou Harris and I were struck when doing surveys on cigarette smoking and warning labels in the 1970s for Phillip Morris that a significant percentage of people told us that even though cigarette smoking might cause emphysema, lung cancer, etc. that they still intended to smoke since they felt it was their right to kill themselves if they so chose: A little shocking to say the least. The same with wearing masks, some people don’t want the Federal or State government to tell them what to do, and others feel they have a right to risk dying. When you confront them with the risk of death they are presenting to others including children, similar to second hand smoking, they are undaunted and shrug their shoulders and say “all of life is a risk”. Selfish view “yes” but illuminating nevertheless. If you don’t care about yourself, then why would you care about others?

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