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October 8, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Based on Bob Lederer’s new book, “Beyond Broadway Joe: The Super Bowl TEAM That Changed Football,” RBDR presents insights into the daily, season-long and specialized research that the management of the New York Jets did in building a championship-caliber team from a bunch of dregs in a six-year period, culminating in their January, 1969 victory at Super Bowl III.

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One thought on “CRC: MR Lessons from the Super Bowl Jets | RBDR

  1. Great Synopsis! Having lived through the Titans in the Polo Grounds and the Jets at Shea Stadium, it was quite a ride! Namath and his teammates and their upset of the largely favored colts was something else to watch, almost as good as Ali predicting his destruction of Sonny Liston, and nearly as Good as the later Miracle on Ice (U.S beats the Russian Soviet Army team at the Olympics). I am so glad your book documents one of the most remarkable teams and games in Football History.

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