November 10, 2017. Today on RBDR:

Bob Lederer reintroduces his idea for recruitment of the next generation of market researchers.

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2 thoughts on “How to Recruit Our Next Generation of Researchers | RBDR

  1. i share the concern that we are not getting enough new blood. To this end, a group of us have formed BMIEM, Big Mind Institute of Education and Marketing. We use a free conjoint tool, based upon Mind Genomics, to allow anyone in the world to learn to think critically. The tool, conjoint measurement, is set up so anyone, anywhere in the world can do real, valid, impactful research…have fun, and have a work product at the end. We hope that this tool will create the excitement in millions of students who will realize that the tools with which they are having ‘fun’ and creating their own ‘portfolio’ can be used to do high-level consumer research. Here is the link to the effort. The APP (BimiLeap) is totally free, and is right now in beta in android form.

  2. By making stronger links with universities and colleagues, and encouraging the young/new researchers to attend and speak at conferences and other events. If we can create a reputation that market research is where young people and ‘new blood’ can thrive, word will quickly get around and it can become a sought after industry.

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