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July 21, 2020

Today on RBDR: KL Communications founder and CEO Kevin Lonnie paints a must-see Big Picture of where the research industry and its companies are at this stage of what seems to be the interminable Coronavirus crisis.

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One thought on “Big Frightening Picture: Covid Damage To Research So Far / RBDR

  1. Great advice Kevin. Flexibility on research services is key and listening to clients and former clients to figure out what they currently need. In addition reading the newspapers and online sources like Bob’s regularly can provide ideas to approach the market with new research topics and ideas to stir up business. I should finish by saying i have been retired for five years after a 50 year career in MR. I don’t envy any of you trying to navigate and build your businesses today between pandemics, political unrest, and the lack of a good return on investment. Hang in there and be resilient, trust your instincts, and be tough. Everything is in flux.

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