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March 23, 2020

Today on RBDR: A commentary from RBDR Producer Bob Lederer with his hopefully compassionate thoughts about how our viewers and others might want to consider how to relate to and cope with the Coronavirus outbreak.

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4 thoughts on “Bob Lederer’s Coronavirus Perspective / RBDR

  1. Bob, thanks for sharing your personal story. I will never forget your mother and her experience.
    I know you know what it means to count your blessings, I live alone and at least you have your wife and son around. I literally have no one. I never realized how much it means to me to see and be with people until the Corona Virus.. Yes, I talk to people on the phone, email, skype, Zoom and use facetime, etc. but it is not the same. I even led a Bible Study for 18 men over Zoom last Wednesday night, but it is not as good as being with people. This is very hard and you probably know that most Churches are closed, and you cannot receive Communion at a time you need them the most.. C’est La Vie.

  2. Nick, I feel some of your pain. Our synagogue is closed and on Saturday my wife smartly said to me: “You know it’s one thing to pray on your own but it is quite different in knowing that our synagogue, where we would b praying today, is closed. That hasn’t happened to us (Jews) in a very long time.” Seriously, ANY TIME you want to speak, pick up the phone and call me. I KNW I will gain something that I didn’t know about research and, hopefully, our conversation will give you a lift. I’m serious!

  3. Bob- Thanks for your poignant insights. It’s hard to try and be accepting of those who complain of what you have accurately characterized as an “inconvenience” in comparison to the courage in the face of evil that your mother endured at the hands of the National Socialists of Germany in the 1940’s. Take heart folks! We are American’s and we can do this and come out stronger, smarter, and richer if we apply ourselves to the task ahead of us, which right now means…staying home?! That would appear to be not nearly so hard as compared to what was asked of our forefathers endured. Thanks for sharing that hard earned wisdom and useful perspective.

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