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March 27, 2019

Today on RBDR: What is the current state of media buying and selling? First of all, not surprisingly, it continues to be subject to massive change. Research Measurement Technologies’ Bill Harvey explains how it used to function and proposes points to be reviewed internally by corporate ad buyers in 2019.

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One thought on “Media Buying’s Revised 2019 Realities | RBDR

  1. Joel Rubinson, President, Rubinson Partners, Inc.: Today’s video gives a good, historical perspective. Hope it’s OK for me to have some curmudgeonly fun…

    I disagree with some of this, especially the part where Bill says “Byron is right!”
    the whole world is going to precision targeting and Byron is still trumpeting mass media. Sad.

    I have proof that you can consistently deliver 5-16X the ROAS with targeting. There is no evidence like that for mass media brand advertising.

    Also Bill, there is little evidence that brand building today actually DOES pay off in sales down the road. that is what I will be attempting to prove or disprove via the huge MMA experiment that has significant industry support behind it.

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