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May 16, 2018. Today on RBDR:

InnovateMR’s Chief Research Officer Lisa Wilding-Brown blogged for Women In Research about the great opportunity and unseen importance of mobile research in turning around the long-decaying respondent cooperation problem.

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One thought on “Could Mobile Be One of Survey MR’s Last Chances? | RBDR

  1. If mobile is our last stand against respondent loss then we are in big trouble, which is probably the case anyway. Mobile has all kinds of problems in terms of national random probability studies such as too many younger people, too many females, more active than general population, never sure who you are talking to etc. etc. Most people don’t like surveys on their cell phones, it ties up their line, depending on payment plan, it can cost the respondent money, the survey has to be very short, etc. The only consistent solution, I have found is paying people a dollar per minute for their time on their cable/landline phone or on their computer.

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