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May 1, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Bill Harvey discusses two more opportunities where traditional researchers can make a contribution to marketers and leaders of brands, namely with better pre-planning and post-campaign understanding of brand content.

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One thought on “More MR Support for Marketing: Planning, Evaluating Brand Content | RBDR

  1. Believe it or not, many corporations have used Branded Survey Research to advance their brand image by sponsoring surveys which were for publicity purposes, but never really mentioned anything about drinking their products or services. Let me give some examples: Crown Royal and Chivas Regal when owned by the Seagrams brand often sponsored surveys about “Executive Attitudes In a World Turned Upside Down” after the Berlin Wall came down. This was meant to help build Market Share with Upscale Business Purchasers, Similarly, Hyatt and Starwood Hotels did surveys about Executives and Business Travel and developed archetypes or segments of travelers to show their knowledge of what travelers wanted when traveling. They also explored subjects about getting sick on planes and aspects of circadian rhythms for jet lag, without ever mentioning anything about their hotel rooms, costs etc.. My point is that branded advertising and branded research both very effectively help companies through publicity to expand their market shares and change or improve their images.

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