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April 25, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Associated Press has new rules for its reporters who want to use poll results in their stories. Today, SurveyMonkey Chief Research Officer Jon Cohen explains how even a casual observer can discern a good poll from a crappy one.

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One thought on “Spotting Good Polls From ‘Crappy’ Polls | RBDR

  1. AAPOR, CASRO (now the Insights Organization), and NCPP have all grappled with the question of good versus bad polls. Cohen’s points are pretty much in line with the Codes of Ethics and Standards for these three organizations as well as the AP, however, enforcement has always been the problem. Very occasionally, AAPOR has censored certain pollsters and organizations like Frank Luntz, without much effect. Frank is now a prime person for CBS TV to use on surveys, focus groups, political commentary, etc. All the codes and standards are worthless unless there are realistic enforcement standards and repercussions for violating the rules. By the way, the NCPP, I don’t believe has updated its rules, since the days that Harry O’Neill was alive and on the committee.

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