November 2, 2017. Today on RBDR:

What can be done by conference attendees, conference exhibitors, and conference holders to pick up and follow through on RBDR suggestions to improve research conferences.

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One thought on “How to Make Headway on MR Conference Issues | RBDR

  1. I’ve watched your RBDRs this week, and can definitely see your point. That said, I don’t think you’ve ever attended a QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) conference. In our conferences, all presenters are assigned a “coach” to help them deliver the best presentations possible, and to help insure that presentations don’t serve as a mere marketing tool for the presenter. The importance of revenue from exhibitors is always top-of-mind, and the event planners have always done they’re best to come up with creative solutions to generate foot traffic in exhibit halls. This doesn’t mean that QRCA conferences are “perfect,” but one of the things that attendees usually compliment QRCA on this the high caliber of worth-while presentations that are given. You might consider attending the next QRCA conference. It’ll be January 24-26, outside of Phoenix.

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