November 1, 2017. Today on RBDR:

“Pay for play.” Why it’s happening, and why it is accepted.

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2 thoughts on “The Subject No One Wants to Discuss: Pay for Play | RBDR

  1. Bob, I wanted to make two comments. One, “Pay for Play” to speak at conferences is a deadly game, because people who really have something important to say in terms of contributing to the MR industry may not have the money to play that game. Two, people who pay to speak will believe entitled to brag about their own business and the wonder of its devices and processes, and make distinct marketing pitches rather than contribute to the betterment of the industry as a whole.

    Also, on the subject of Conferences generally, Interestingly, Pollster Louis Harris almost never appeared, attended or spoke at MR industry conferences, since he didn’t want to share his knowledge or research breakthroughs with others. He once said to me, “Why should I tell others my research secrets and share my knowledge of marketing to clients with my competitors, and make them as smart as me”? I personally don’t agree with Lou’s point-of-view since I believe strongly in giving back to the Industry that gave me a profession. However, Lou retired a multi-millionaire which means you can be highly successful without attending MR conferences or ever speaking at them.


    Nick Tortorello

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