RBDR is sponsored today and this week by Innerscope Research (http://www.InnerscopeResearch.com), measuring what consumers cannot put into words–the emotional responses that actually drive behavior.

Access its comprehensive guide that explains how market researchers can glean unique insights from core biometrics, eye tracking, facial coding, voice analysis, fMRI, EEG and implicit methods to understand non-conscious consumer responses, make better business decision and improve research ROI:

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Today on RBDR: 1) YouGov claims that General Motors has turned the corner in getting past continuing consumer concerns with its “Switchgate” controversy, but social media consultant Candida McCollam reaches an opposite conclusion from her examination of social media. 2) TiVo Research’s examination of viewing of the top network television programs four to seven days after their live presentation shows additional viewing that adds up to $88 million in uncompensated watching. 3) The proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger has a media data component that has not been publicly considered, but media research guru BillHarvey shares it with RBDR.

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