A Kantar poll says three-quarters of U.S. citizens believe polls are biased. 2) A handful of giant advertising and marketing businesses form the new Cross Cultural Marketing and Communications Association. 3) LinkedIn issues a secondary public offering of 5.4 million shares that is projected to raise $1.2 billion.

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2 thoughts on “American Polls Biased? 3/4 of Americans Think So (RBDR–9/10/13)

  1. Kantar did a poll that says three-quarters of U.S. citizens believe polls are biased? Do three-quarters believe that Kantar poll was biased? Is this not the equivalent of the whimsical assertion that 75% of all statistics are made up on the spot?

    1. Jeff, good point. One of our people here asked the same thing. But I think the Kantar work was a survey versus a poll of candidate choices. Just my impression–and it has no basis in fact.

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