Social media outshining MR inside cos; Analytic training for college mktg students (RBDR 8/19/2014)

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Today on RBR: 1) Converseon Senior Strategist Mike Moran’s great blog about the collaborating role of social media with marketing research inside corporations makes several important points, including the predominating role that social media plays inside organizations. 2) The research industry shortage of analytically-skilled workers has not been adequately addressed, but Teradata is making its pitch to accelerate the education and training of needed personnel.

Social media guru Perry Marshall; SAS helps launch MR & Analytics Master’s degree (RBDR–11/13/2013)

1) Social media guru Perry Marshall tells RBDR about his new book, “80/20 Sales and Marketing,” and what market researchers should be thinking about social media. 2) SAS is collaborating with Centennial College in Toronto to launch a Master’s program in marketing research & analytics.

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Facebook (fans) criticize Forrester; ARF inaugurates Erwin Ephron Demystification Award; KAO Corp. VP-MR Christian Kane dies at 51 (RBDR–10/31/13)

Today: 1) Its many defenders leap to Facebook’s defense following Forrester Research’s highly critical (some call it “brutal”) analysis of Facebook’s marketing prowess for clients. 2) ARF announced it will inaugurate an award in honor of Erwin Ephron. 3) KAO Corporation VP of MR, Christian Kane, has died.

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Forrester’s “Brutal” analysis of Facebook; Curebit research shows Facebook advertising outperforms Twitter on selling websites; Mobile views being added to TV ratings (RBDR–10/30/13)

Today: 1) Forrester Research’s “brutal” analysis of Facebook marketing value, based on survey of 395 marketers, thinks its shortcomings won’t be taken seriously by the social media giant. 2) Curebit research found Facebook does so well with social commerce sellers that it recommends advertising on Facebook. 3) Mobile TV viewing being added to Nielsen TV ratings in 2014.

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Ipsos repeats that MR continues to miss business opportunities; Sticky wins Next Wave Award (RBDR–10/29/2013)

Today: 1) Ipsos reported its Q3 results and revised its perceptions of the world in which MR is operating and of the MR industry itself. 2) iMedia Connection’s “Next Wave Award” voted on by leading brand and agencies executives selected Sticky for 2013.

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