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March 16, 2021

Today on RBDR: SUZY SVP of MR, William Cimarosa, blogged about brands struggling with what consumers say versus what they do. He asserts that, in many cases, brands are using obsolete, expensive 1970s-era MR tools, versus today’s diverse, specialized MR tools to bridge that knowledge gap.

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One thought on “Consumer Research Enhanced By Latent Variables / RBDR

  1. Steve Needel: “Almost everything William Cimarosa says in his blog is buzzwords and BS. He has no clue about what a latent variable is and uses the term incorrectly. A latent variable is a variable which cannot be measured directly, but which ties together other measures into one. His description of latent variables as experiences is hellaciously flawed – you can’t put qualitative experience into a model, as he suggests, and his belief that we now have enough data to permit predictive modeling, where before we didn’t, shows the naivete one might expect from a history/geography major – not from a researcher or modeler.

    You literally cannot track latent variables, by definition, only the measures that are collapsed to create the latent variable (and no, it’s not the same thing, but neither of us has the stat background for me to explain why). I’ve never, in 40 years, seen a structural model sufficient to predict consumer behavior with any meaningful success.”

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