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August 17, 2020

Today on RBDR: Soapbox Sample Chief of Operations Jacqueline Rosales details the company’s yeoman efforts in Southern California’s struggle to understand and restrain the Coronavirus. It involves a profitable research plan which Rosales is prepared to help other research agencies across America to implement.

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2 thoughts on “Breakthrough: Soapbox Sample Research Is Impacting Covid-19 / RBDR

  1. It was wonderful to see Jacqueline’s enthusiasm and excitement on the Co-Vid incidence research work which her company is working on.
    The point I would like to make is that Research firm’s have worked on many similar problems in the past. For example, I did a survey of patients with a particular disease and helped to get a landmark Pharmaceutical cleared by the FDA, I helped a major Drug company prove a heart medication they produced was not only not causing early mortality, but was in fact extending lives. On another bio-medical dilemma we were able to interview several hundred micro-biologists to get their views on an important medical research topic. Survey Researchers who understand sample design and statistics can make a huge contribution to helping understand and monitoring specific disease incidences, as well as helping to find solutions and viable vaccines. The problem in the past is that pharma clients wouldn’t allow us to talk about these successes publicly.

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