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May 29, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Potential implications of a major change in Unilever survey resarch in their gender question. Screening is no longer limited to Male versus Female; two other options have been added.

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One thought on “Unilever Changes Gender Screening Question | RBDR

  1. Hi Bob:
    I don’t like “Binary” for a lot of reasons: One, it sounds too mathematical. Two, does binary mean transgender, transsexual or homosexual and which way do they predominantly identify male, female, both, neither etc. Also, I guess in the self-description you could get hermaphrodites or some other variety of sexual orientation. Did they also have a medical operation of some sort of formal medical procedure? Plus what do you do with the results? The term “Binary” raises too many questions and is complex. I am not a sexual therapist, but I wonder how they feel about the use of the word “Binary”.

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