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January 16, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Marketing research is stunned by the December 24th Philippines call center fire that tragically caused the death of 37 Research Now SSI employees. It may not be entirely an isolated incident based on early reports from Davao, Philippines media that explain four extenuating considerations that may have led to some of the loss of life.

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2 thoughts on “Philippines Call Center Tragedy Could Happen Here | RBDR

  1. Great work on this wake-up call after such a tragic event.
    Your well-researched piece is a serious reminder that call centers everywhere can check that they are safe and civil places to work.
    When we at MetaFacts added a U.S. call center with 30 stations 20 years ago, our first considerations were employee safety and comfort. Unlike other call centers we had toured or hired, our offices had direct ground-floor exits, reasonably-sized desks, and large windows with lots of natural light. Okay, they didn’t include the floor-to-ceiling Pacific Ocean view of the 350-person call room of Computer Intelligence where I had previously worked, but that was an exceptional model.
    I hope the market research industry will step up. It was encouraging to see the broad support on the GoFundMe page set up to support the families of the call center employees who perished.

  2. Some research companies keep data books, old questionnaires and written reports in various types of storage and warehouse facilities. If you think telephone centers may have safety issues and concerns, then you should see some of these storage and warehouse facilities. I once worked in one for a week, which was infested with rats and mice in New York City and had no windows and only one elevator – which you had to call for – to get in and out of the building: A Fire Hazard Extraordinaire.

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