October 2, 2017. Today on RBDR:

At Advertising Week, there was widespread discussion about the panel quality and appropriateness of any given panel for a survey situation.

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2 thoughts on “Online Panel Quality: Still Unaddressed Issue | RBDR

  1. I’d like to share with you my latest effort for a Unified Marketing Mix and Media Attribution Model which for the first time ever that advertising enters a brand choice model with the same statistical significance as price and promotion and to encourage single source data providers to partner on integrating their data with my proprietary model in order to advance our knowledge on how advertising works at the disaggregate level in driving brand choice – prominent academics have tried and failed including Professor Tellis of USC

  2. Online panel quality and representativeness is driven by insights and knowledge on what drives differences in consumers attitudes and behaviors towards categories and brands which goes beyond the common but inaccurate weighting and projection schemes of demographics, geography, lifestyle and life stages and incorporates unique proprietary insights into what drives differences in attitudes, behaviors and the ultimate response to branded questionnaires, media and marketing.
    Differences in the quality of panels is first and foremost driven by differences in completeness regarding past behaviors and attitudes and the ability to custom weight survey results based on the drivers of attitudes and behaviors which I have researched for over 20 years and which many survey and panel suppliers are very far behind on

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