Today on RBDR: 1) Facebook’s redefined “Cost-per-Click” focuses on websites and apps to improve its impact against advertisers’ objectives. 2) Great evidence that Millennials can best be reached for research via mobile services. 3) Unique research capabilities with movie-goers, whether they purchase online or offline, is being offered by Cardlytics–and Palisades Media Group and The Weinstein Company see benefit in giving it a tryout. 4) PepsiCo’s head of North America Beverages Al Carey adds a unique responsibility.

RBDR is sponsored today and this week by Lieberman Research Group. Put LRW’s “So What?” consulting, industry leading marketing science and cutting edge pragmatic brain science institute to work… to turn insight into impact for your business.

Check out, and for great insights into issues that deserve special attention visit LRWBlog.Net. (For instance, integrating multiple research technologies, a concern that expands every day.)

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