Pharma Research VIDEO Report is sponsored by the Toluna Healthcare Practice, offering highly engaged physicians, health professionals and ailment sufferers for global research using cutting-edge methodologies, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use analytic tools and specialized products including Pharmacy Intercept, dedicated communities, patient record studies and more.

Toluna Healthcare Practice is recommending everyone read this Kaiser Family Foundation release for its emphasis on the growing importance of patients in industry research:

This week on PRVR: 1) The Boston Globe warns about the seriousness and dangers from stolen patient records. 2) Dick Vanderveer’s September 11 blog mentions FitBit’s legal right to sell data the device collects. 3) Federal regulators have decided to reverse course and begin making public records of eight hospital patient mistakes. 4) The Apple Watch introduction paid scant attention to healthcare. 5) India’s poor patent laws with Rx drugs are severely limiting the number of new drugs being made available there. 6) Big Data has brought at least four important benefits for healthcare.

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