In this Pharma Market Research VIDEO Report:  1) GRACE, an 11-item checklist of data and methods, allows testing of baseline quality criteria for observational research.  2) The CMS is proposing changes to Medicare Part D. The big picture change calls for stopping automatic Medicare coverage of two drug classes; the underlying consideration in the plan could lead to federal government price negotiations with pharmacos (expressly forbidden in legislation that established Part D).  3) The FDA launches a $20 million initiative to test generic drug production, which represents 80% of Rx drugs. India, wiht its $15 billion in annual generic drug production, is a primary focus but China is also in the crosshairs. 4) HIMSS mobile research study investigates its implementation and use by healthcare providers.  5) GfK reports an upsurge in 2013 in purchase of mobile-connected medical devices in top European countries.  6) MDLinx is launching its physician verification service in Europe.  7) The Kaiser Family Foundation reports users of the ACA website were more price-oriented than physician-focused.  8) Novartis says it has extended its pharmaco leadership in clinical trial data transparency.  9) SAP is testing “Medical Insights,” a capability that aids cancer patients by pulling relevant data from many cancer data sources, runs advanced analytics and delivers customized results in real time.

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