Donald Trump’s political rise not a surprise, says Passikoff. (RBDR 05.12.2016)

Today on RBDR:

BrandKeys’ founder & President Robert Passikoff studied Donald Trump’s emotional engagement in political circles last year and says he isn’t surprised by Trump’s strong showing with voters. He spoke with RBDR about that. Read the blog post for yourself by clicking here.

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RBDR’s Annual Research Look at Super Bowl Commercials. (RBDR 02.04.2016)

Today: RBDR discusses with three advertising research experts what to expect from commercials set to air during Super Bowl 50 this coming Sunday afternoon on CBS.

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New products are pathways to the future, the lifeblood of strategic survival. You are invited to read Decision Analyst President Jerry W. Thomas’ article, “New Products.” Find it here.

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SB 49 ads that connected (and some that whiffed) RBDR 2.3.2015

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Today on RBDR: An expert advertising research panel (Decision Analyst President Jerry Thomas, Bill Harvey Consulting President Bill Harvey and BrandKeys President Robert Passikoff) reviews general impressions and specifics of Super Bowl commercials that made a positive impression or missed the mark

NBCU tested cross-platform ad measures, mobile at Sochi (RBDR–5/13/2014)

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Today: 1) NBCUniversal’s “other” research during its coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics involved pilot tests of two Nielsen capabilities to capture consumer exposure to several national TV campaigns and to measure mobile viewing. 2) Brand engagement controversy differences are about what should be measured. BrandKeys founder & President Robert Passikoff shared his points of view.