Facebook clicks are illusory. Multiscreen strategies. Apple grower MR. (RBDR 6.4.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Marketing on Facebook, using its members, is fools gold if clicks are a prominent part of the plan. 2) SAS Global Customer Intelligence Director Wilson Raj offers 4 winning multiscreen strategies. 3) How apple growers are using consumer input to make their future decisions about which apple varieties to grow.

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Facebook: social media focus group “Yes,” sales tool “No” (RBDR–5/28/14)

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Today: 1) A study shows Facebook engagement does not correlate with sales, however it can serve as a social media focus group. 2) Tobii Glass kicks off a mini marketing campaign to play up the qualities and capabilities of new Tobii Glass 2 units for in-store research.

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RBDR for August 6, 2013

Antoine Dérouche, CEO of Datafield, a mobile form builder, offers five suggestions for MR agencies if they want to survive the digital marketing age. Bluekai’s second marketer survey in the past 8 months shows marketers are adopting data and being vigilant about widening and expanding its use in vastly growing numbers. A Facebook-Datalogix study shows that mere exposure to a Facebook advertisement positively impacts purchasing among those exposed to it – even if they don’t click on the ad.