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July 25,2022

Today on RBDR: Media Research Council Executive Director George Ivie has received a vote of confidence from the group with a five-year contract extension. He told MediaPost Editor-In-Chief Joe Mandese about the challenges ahead.

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TV loses dominance with consumers. Ad optimizing may undercut reach. (RBDR 02.15.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) An IAB study in the United Kingdom states that the TV is no longer consumers’ dominant screen.

2) Ad campaign viewability is not as simple as current vendor providers may think. A Quantcast study claims that following current methods to optimize an ad’s online viewability may actually undercut the success of the campaign.

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U.S. Media MR weak from lack of accreditation. What IBM Watson must do. (RBDR 2.09.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The U.S. media research measurement landscape is in shambles, according to expert Tony Jarvis, because its providers are unable to earn nationwide accreditation for their properties.

2) What IBM needs to do — in five steps — to build the prominence and dominance in artificial intelligence that it seeks through IBM Watson and cloud computing.

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China media: Big Data jacks up programmatic buying (RBDR–6/10/2014)

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Today: 1) Tremor Video’s MRC accreditation for VideoHub video video advertising metrics has been “continued.” 2) China’s NDP Media claims that Big Data injection into programmatic buying makes advertising choices faster and better. 3) Field Agent CEO Rick West explains to RBDR why the research industry’s fast-paced mobile research initiatives make sense.

New era for online ad measurement is here; BrainJuicer’s Kearon speaks truth to power about MR versus management consulting:

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Today: 1) Twitter TV Measurement extends its coverage from the UK & Spain to the Nordics, Russia, part of Africa and SE Asia. 2) Media Research Council approves standards for online advertising viewable impression measurement. 3) John Kearon shares his wisdom about HOW market research can get a substantial piece of the research pie currently controlled by consultancies, which reap 10 times the revenue of market research in the U.S.