U.S. Media MR weak from lack of accreditation. What IBM Watson must do. (RBDR 2.09.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The U.S. media research measurement landscape is in shambles, according to expert Tony Jarvis, because its providers are unable to earn nationwide accreditation for their properties.

2) What IBM needs to do — in five steps — to build the prominence and dominance in artificial intelligence that it seeks through IBM Watson and cloud computing.

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Harvard Business Review points to crucial demands on CMOs; GfK 1st half financials (RBDR 8/14/2014)

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Today: 1) Harvard Business Review article points to crucial demands on Chief Marketing Officers, areas where market research can obviously help. Yet, the authors do not recommend including MR in the loop. 2) Forrester Research says CIOs do not have the trust and respect of marketing leaders as far as understanding customer life cycles or marketing technologies. 3) GfK’s first half of 2014 financial results are so beneath expectations that it says it won’t meet full-year 2014 business goals. 4) Associate Editor Travis Cornejo is leaving RBDR.

Big Share draws mktg & finance together; How CMOs should change (RBDR–7/22/14)

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Making news on RBDR today: 1) MarketShare co-founder and CEO Wes Nichols notes four prominent U.S. corporations who prove his contention that sharing Big Data is driving marketing and finance departments together. 2) A Vivaldi Partners Group study of 50 CMOS on three continents concludes that the Chief Marketing Officer role needs to back off and allow talented individuals working in departments underneath them to play their trade and exert their expert influence.

No consensus on mktg data priority; Mkters can’t close loop on consumers (RBDR–7/21/2014)

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Making news on RBDR today: 1) An Incite Marketing & Communications study of marketers and their data priorities reveals four important points of view and, more importantly, no consensus. 2) In the UK, second quarter marketing spending was up even as spending on MR was down. 3) University of Maryland Professor Roland Rust points out that marketers are adept at collecting customer data, but they are noticeably deficient in conducting real-time marketing activity. That will continue for some time.