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September 12, 2019

Today’s RBDR: Data, notably its availability and control, has become an area of intense activity at Facebook on several fronts in recent months.

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C-suite difficulty in personalizing marketing. Vegas MR firm wins data lawsuit. (RBDR 04.07.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) There is some consensus about the difficulty consumer companies have when they say they want to personalize their marketing. It is possible, but not without significant changes in corporate culture and implementation of technology.

2) Research agencies are probably pretty comfortable when they begin a research project, with people, processes and institutions in place, but what happens if there is a deliberate data collection breach? A Las Vegas MR agency sued and won a judgement against a local data collector for 2015 falsification of data and related damages.

  • (Our thanks to Kelley Styring for bringing this story to the attention of RBDR.)

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FCC Strengthening 1991 TCPA rules. eMarketer “MultiScreen” insights (RBDR 6.2.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) The FCC is poised to toughen provisions in the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act, which MRA Director of Government Affair Howard Fienberg warns will have major deleterious effects on market research. 2) eMarketer’s “MultiScreen Usage Roundup” shares insights about marketers’ reachout to eye-wandering consumers.

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RBDR for August 26, 2013

eMarketer reports that digital platforms have surpassed television as the U.S. media content consumption. Dennis Murphy comments on how top market researchers are still relying on traditional survey research for critical insights. RBDR plans to address what it identifies as the MR industry’s most important issues, but we want your input. Email info@rflonline.com to share your thoughts.

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