Australian MR reiterates privacy. Study: analytic investments disappointing. (RBDR 08.18.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The Australian market research industry has made a pronouncement to the public at large about the extra steps they continue to make to assure protection and privacy of their data.

2) ZS Associates has released “Broken Links: Why Analytics Investments Have Yet to Pay Off,” a study of what companies themselves say is not working with their analytics, conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit. You can read the study for yourself by clicking here.

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Survey Sampling VP – Global Data Management, Jackie Lorch, has composed a White Paper. “B2B Sample Tradeoffs and the Power of a Multi-Mode Approach” explains for the under-experienced or novice Business2Business survey preparers how to execute it properly and well. Find the White Paper by clicking here.

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Six “transformative” changes coming to marketing (RBDR 3.4.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) The Economist Intelligence Unit, supported by the sponsorship of Marketo, releases a study about the rapidly emerging dominant role of marketers in corporations. It discusses six transformative changes that will grow marketing’s importance in business, and what those changes could mean. 2) Facebook’s new patent for identification of social media drivers and influencers gets a superior rating from stock watcher

Mobile MR value w/illiterate, poor; 78% of retailers benefitting from data analysis; Vision Critical IPO coming? CEOs need to become Consumer Engagement Officers and to speak with consumers (RBDR — 1/23/2014)

Today, sponsored by Decision Analyst:
1) Mobile market research is opening doors to the illiterate and impossibly poor around the world.
2) The Economist Intelligence Unit study of retailers shows an overwhelming percentage are receiving positive ROI from their investment in strategic data analysis.
3) Is Vision Critical preparing for an IPO? Speculation about that is based on the sale of $10.5 million by a top executive.
4) The Edelman Trust Barometer for 2014 recommends that top company executives assume the mantle of Consumer Engagement Officer.

Decision Analyst President & CEO Jerry Thomas has a new thought piece about Brand Strategy and where we go with it going forward. Read it by clicking on this link:

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